The Fastest Way To Add GDPR Consent To Your Website.

Collect, Manage, and Report Data Subject Consent for GDPR—Instantly

The GDPR went into effect May 25th, 2018—are you compliant?

We can't write your privacy policy for you—
but we can take care of those pesky consent forms.

(And all the other "stuff" that goes along with them.)

If you're like most website owners right now, you might be just a tad overwhelmed about all of the things you need to do for GDPR compliance to avoid those huge fines everyone's been talking about.

You know, "simple" things like:

  • What you need to include in your privacy policy
  • Tracking down all of the places you collect—and store—personal data
  • How you're going to encrypt and "pseudoanonymize" the data you do have
  • What "the right to be forgotten" really means when it comes to your backups and log files
  • How you're going enable people to access, download, and manage their data
  • Ensuring your data processors are compliant and executing DPAs with them
  • And of course—how you're going to get (and manage) consent from your website visitors for the different marketing, sales, and analytics programs you use

We get it—there's just way too much to do (and too little time to do it in).

And that's why we built ConsentJS.

Because with all of the things you need to do for GDPR, building opt-in consent forms shouldn't have to be one of them.

With ConsentJS, you get a done-for-you, all-in-one GDPR consent form solution that helps you collect, manage, and report data subject consent—instantly—with no additional work on your end.

How ConsentJS works

(It's pretty amazing, really)

Tell us about the different marketing, sales, and analytics tools you need to get consent for and review the GDPR consent forms we create for you:
ConsentJS GDPR EU Check Form Builder
ConsentJS GDPR Cookie Consent Form Builder
Install our JavaScript onto your website and start collecting consent from your visitors:
ConsentJS Install Screen
Sit back and relax (or jump onto the next item on your GDPR checklist)

What you get

(It's pretty awesome, too)

ConsentJS has built-in features that make GDPR consent collection a breeze for your website:

Intelligent and Customizable GDPR Consent Forms

  • Build your own consent form with our easy-to-use form builder. ConsentJS's form builder is simple and easy to use. With it, you can easily manage the items you need to get consent for, all while being able to make your form "yours". ConsentJS's form builder lets you provide your own form text, colors, and even lets you add your own logo.
  • Manage third party JavaScript you need to get consent to run. When you set up the items you need to collect consent for, you can also provide the JavaScript you need to run for each item. CollectJS handles the rest and only drops the JavaScript for the items you've gotten consent for.
  • Determine if your visitors are EU natural persons or not. ConsentJS will only prompt your visitors for explicit consent if they're from the EU (and hence have GDPR rights). Otherwise, ConsentJS will run all of your JavaScripts automatically and it's business as usual.
  • Link to your Privacy Policy. ConsentJS also makes it easy for you to link to your Privacy Policy right from your consent form.
  • Save and manage visitor privacy preferences. ConsentJS uses anonymous cookies to save your visitors' preferences so they won't be asked again when they come back to your website. And if they ever want to review or change those preferences, ConsentJS makes that easy too.

More Than Just a Consent Form—Refreshingly Simple Consent Reporting and Analytics

  • Automatically collect consent to demonstrate compliance. ConsentJS makes it easy to demonstrate that you're collecting consent from your visitors by automatically capturing your visitor's responses in your ConsentJS account—completely anonymously. If ever you need to show that you're collecting consent, ConsentJS will be there to back up that claim with actual data.
  • Never collects personal data—ever. ConsentJS was designed and built to never collect or store any personal data—so that's one less thing you need to worry about!
  • Find what you're looking for. Easily filter through the consent data ConsentJS collects with simple, searchable reports. If you ever need to show when you started collecting data for an specific item, ConsentJS's reports will have you covered.
  • Learn what you're getting consent for—and not. Slice and dice your consent data with ConsentJS's built-in analytics. See how many of your visitors are EU or non-EU visitors. See which of your consent items are getting the most opt-in—and which aren't. ConsentJS removes the "blind spot" that the GDPR creates by telling you how many times people aren't opting in to your different consent items.

Awesome Support

  • Everyday we're awesome. We're not going to sit here and tell you what a valued customer you are to us—but you are! And that's why we're here to help you out with anything you need to get ConsentJS up and running on your website. We handle most support inquiries well within 24 hours and definitely won't leave you hanging.

Get your website's GDPR consent form up and running today.

(Because you know you have other things to do than this.)







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